Participating Purchasing Assistance Lenders

Six major Boston lenders are working with the City of Boston to provide over $74 million in mortgage credit to first-time homebuyers participating in the 3D Advantage Program. These lenders offer competitive rates and reduced closing costs for eligible homebuyers purchasing a three-decker in Boston.

Getting Started

Your first step to participate in the 3D Advantage Program is to enroll in a homebuyer training class. This class will provide you with everything you need to know about purchasing your first home.  To find out where an upcoming class will be held in your community, visit DND's Homebuying 101 page. You can even sign up online.

To learn more about what each lender is offering, follow the lender links below.

Note: Buyers applying for a purchase-rehab mortgage must use one either Citizens Bank or East Boston Savings to be eligible.