Energy Conservation Assistance

3D homeowners may be eligible to replace an outdated furnace with a new high-efficiency furnace using a 0% interest deferred payment loan from the City. This loan carries no monthly payments and is repayable only when you sell or refinance your home. Depending on how efficient your current furnace is, you could save hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs. This loan program is operated in conjunction with the City’s 3D-HELP (Home Equity Loan Program) that provides interest-free financing for a wide range of other home improvements so that you can do your furnace upgrade at the same time you make other much-needed home improvements. 

To find out more about these services, follow this link to the 3D-HELP program that will explain how the program works, eligibility requirements, and the application process. You even download an application form online. Funding is limited, so don’t delay.

In addition to replacing an outdated furnace with 3D-HELP, Renew Boston, provides free home energy assessments, free compact fluorescent lights and discounts and rebates on insulation, heating, cooling and hot water systems.