3D Assistance

Three-decker homeowners and homebuyers may be eligible for home purchase and home improvement programs being offered by the City of Boston. 

For existing homeowners, the 3D HELP (Home Equity Loan Program) offers 0% interest, deferred payment home improvement loans of up to $30,000. No payments on these loans are required until you sell, transfer or refinance your house. Additional funding, on the same terms, is available to replace outdated heating systems.  

For first-time homebuyers, the Financial Assistance program provides as much as 5% of your purchase price toward your downpayment. This is also a 0% interest deferred payment loan that requires no payments until you sell, transfer or refinance your home. 

For more information, including eligibility requirements and application procedures, use the following links:

3D HELP (Renovation Assistance)
Financial Assistance Program